Allowing The-Law-Of-Attraction

By: David P Kennedy

Allowing the life force within us to come forth and manifest our desires.

Points to remember about the law of attraction.

Whatever you think about the most is what you are creating in your life. If you ask for something and it feels good to you and you allow it into your life you are on its frequency level and it comes to you. When you think about what you don't want in your life and it feels bad to you and you think about it a lot, it to also comes to you. The latter can cause the first to either fail or be held up. What your belief system is in your life is basically moving you forward or holding you up.

There is no exclusion in the universal law of attraction. Whether you are thinking positive thoughts or negative ones weather you are thinking about what you want or what you don't want it is what you are thinking about the most that comes to you. It is in the feeling about what you ask for that tells you if you are on the right track or not. For example...I want a new car (be specific in details i.e.: the year color etc) If you think about this as what you want and make it real in your mind and you can feel it deep inside you and it feels good...well then it is on its way. If you start doubting that you will get it and deep inside you you feel not so good or bad...Guess what? You get that. It is important to understand this in order for you to manifest your desires into physical reality.

We must allow well being into our lives and must realize we are in charge of our experience here in the physical world. We must allow our thoughts to help guide us and by feeling if we are on the right track to what we desire in our lives that of which we want to experience while we are in physical form.

If you truly want to learn to manifest or create things into being into your life, look inward. All the answers are there waiting for you to listen. Clear your mind from all the static that this world makes and just listen or should I say just feel. When you close your eyes and think about something that has made you happy that you went threw it makes you happy again doesn’t it? You feel happy inside. That is the very Power or should I say feeling you have to vibrate with when you ask for something. Focus on that and feel good inside about that. Also remember to always be grateful as this is alignment with source energy. So then Ask for what you want to have or experience...Feel it (Or believe it) when it feels good to you, you’re on the right track. You are vibrating in the same frequency for that you asked for and Like Attracts Like. What You asked for is on its way to you. Keep your thoughts and feelings aligned and don't allow other thoughts to the contrary in.

You are your own creator. Your life is made up of your desires and you must accept responsibility for your life, and what comes to you threw manifestation.

Well being is your birth right. It is who you are at your very core. If you buy into what you hear or read about or see on the news that sickness is all around you and you begin to vibrate to that then you will see sickness. The truth is there is only well being. if you are not allowing this source energy or law of attraction to flow threw you, you may feel bad. Well being is what is. Allowing it into your creation is a point you must make in your life experience. Look to your feelings and allow what you desire to manifest into this physical experience.

We are all in our natural form positive creators. When you hold yourself down or buy into the collective thoughts and frequencies that which is doubtful and negative it can hold you captive from manifesting that which you desire to experience. Therefore it makes sense to allow what you ask for to just be. Let it flow through you and feel good. When you feel it inside and it makes you feel good to you then it is there. What holds you back you have to release in order to achieve what it is you desire. Let it Go Let it Flow.

Our natural true state is Positive. Start releasing a negative thought at a time. See it Release it then do it again with the next one until what you have left is your natural well being positive state. That is your birth right to have and feel. True Joy, Happiness and Love.

There is a great example of resistance or collective negativity it goes something like this. You hear about the war on drugs or the war on poverty and the list goes on and on. Well the very fact that collectively these thoughts are out there and in our face actually creates more of what we are fighting because we are drawing our thoughts to what we don't want. Think about it for a minute. Can you see whatever we are thinking about the most or fighting the most is what we see more of? The war on terrorism? How do we stop that? Release it let it go replace it with what feels good and positive to you and it will all change and we will all be in a state of well being and back to the creators that we are.

Learning the Law Of Attraction and Allowing It into your life is a great way to change your life for the better.

Positive Love

David P Kennedy