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Ask Believe Receive

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By: David P Kennedy

What do you want in life? A new car? A new home? New Job? Lots of Money?

What if there was a way to have it all...You can if you follow a certain way. What if it were just a matter of changing the way you think. The Secret, The law of Attraction....

Have you ever noticed that there are people who have it all and you wonder why them and not you? It does not matter your circumstances or your situation you can take charge of your life now just by changing the way you think.

I'm sure you have known someone who always complains about their health? There always sick right? The truth is... you are what you think.

The hit movie "The Secret" started putting things together for me and has led me to studies into many areas. I found that the very basic knowledge of life that we all have all but deleted for our lives have always been right here all along.

One of the scientific areas of studies I now find interesting is Quantum Physics. They have discovered that all things seen and unseen comes from one source only. I like to call it “Thought Energy " It states that nothing can come into being without thought entering the equation.

When you look at anything close enough it comes down to energy. As a result we are all connected to all. We are creators. We create our world and our lives. What you think about the most you bring or attract to you. Thus called the Law Of Attraction a part of " The Secret"

There are 3 main areas that start the process. Ask Believe Receive. 3 Key words that can change your life for the better.

The universe does not distinguish between small or big. So whatever you ask for can be anything provided that all may benefit from it.

Here Are the basics...

Step 1 Ask: You must ask from the heart in Ernest. You must always remain positive on it. Negative thoughts can prevent it from coming into being. Whether big or small you can create it in your life.

Step 2 Believe: Clear your mind of all negative barriers. Do not let negative thoughts run you. Learn to see what you are thinking about and when the negative thoughts enter see it for what it is. The secret here is certanty. The law of attraction is a science. See what you want in your mind and own it. Be Certain it is yours, feel it. Feeling it leads to a stronger belief.

When you see what is negative and destructive to you it cannot stay with you. You have to see it for the negative that it is and catch it creeping up on you. You can stop it in your life. Dead in its tracks. It cannot be a part of you if you see it for what it is. After a while it will leave you.

Replace it with positive thoughts. Affirmations, Meditation, Mind power, visualizations are great tools. Just believe that what you asked for is real and is yours for the taking. Live your life don`t let life live you.

Close your eyes from time to time and live what you asked for and believe that is real for you. You can fool your mind into believing it is real and you mind will make it so. It is connected to the all.

Step 3 Receive: Anticipate receiving what you asked for. It is real and wants to be a part of you. When you see it coming to you accept it for it is your birthright. You run your life.

Enjoy and be grateful for what you bring or manifest into your life. Remember to pay it forward. When you achieve what you set out to teach others to do the same.

This is the basics on how to create your world. Your new way of thinking and being. Only you can make it happen. It works for everyone every time, if you change the way you think.

Thank you for your time. I want you all to have much success in your lives. Give it a try what have you got to loose....Ask Believe Receive, The Secret, law of Attraction

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Ask Believe Receive, The Secret, law of Attraction,